Research & Development

Our faculty, staff, and affiliates are active not only in teaching, but also in research, development, and services. The areas of our interest include education, intercultural study and enrichment, Chinese/Asian American family, Chinese American community services, developing teaching platform and meta-cognition study and development. Our students also benefit from the results of these research and development activities.


Moral Education Article

Education: Purpose, Choice, Results (Slides)

Search for the Ideal System

Open Letter to Professor Amy Chua (in Chinese)


Intercultural Study and Enrichment

扬长补短相得益彰 – 东西方文化探索点滴

Education Department Commissioner Interview (in Chinese)

Culture Festival and Panel Discussions

道可道非常道 – 美国品德道德教育问题及启示

Chinese/Asian American Family

Workshop and Family Discussion

Father/Son Conversation & Discussion

Asian American Civil Rights

Chinese American Community Service

 Chinese Culture Festival Planning

Other R & D

Development of Online Tutoring Platform (Developer wanted)

Metacognition Development with Cross-culture Comparison (under development)