Chinese Cultural Festival

Our members helped planning and successful running the 2016 Newton Chinese Cultural Festival on March 12th, 2016 at Newton City Hall. More than 700 people, including the mayor, attended the event and enjoyed the performance, demonstration, food, and other activities.

Support Local Chinese American Associations

Our members lend their experience and skills to help planning and establishing local Chinese American Association, to enrich the community and promote cultural exchange.

2016 New Year Concert

Our members attended 2016 New Year Concert at Harvard’s Sanders Theater on January 3rd, 2016, to celebrate the new year with colleagues and friends.

2015 Yellow River Cantata

Our members participated in the 2015 Yellow River Cantata to celebrate the victory and ending of WWII. The performance by thousand people strong singers and actors was well received by thousands of audiences.

Successful completion of senior business executives training program

In collaboration with business executive training institutions in China, we have successfully completed a training program for 40 chairmans of the board, CEOs, and CFOs of medium sized corporations from China.

Successful completion of Summer College Program

A week-long summer program with 25 honor college students from HangZhou China was completed successfully. Our classes were taught by Harvard University professor, faculty member, and senior administrators, and by other our experienced faculty members with Ph.D. and MS from Harvard University, with Postdoctoral training and MBA from MIT. The topics covered include Education Purpose and Choices, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Advice on College and Graduate School Application, Advice on Career Development, American History and Culture, Comparative Eastern and Western Cultures, Public Speech, How to Adapt to a Different Culture as a Student, etc. In addition to the classes, students had guided tours of campuses of Harvard University and MIT, including wonderful museums. They also visited Harvard’s Research for Undergraduate Program, and met and had dinner with the outstanding students from all over the United States. At the conclusion of the program, students gave group and individual presentations about what they had learned. They also expressed their gratitude and offered feedback in their final reports.

Presentation to delegation of university vice-presidents from China

In collaboration with State University of New York at Albany, AII hosted a delegation of university vice-presidents from China and gave a presentation about history of Harvard University with focus on cases of some famous presidents.

Culture Enrichment Community Service

Starting in May, 2015, in collaboration with city administrators, our staff will be leading weekly Mandarin Conversation Class at Newton Senior Center, for cultural exchange and language learning through conversation.

Meeting with Administrators of International Entrepreneurship Center

February 11, 2015, AII management team held a meeting with administrators of International Entrepreneurship Center at Newton. We have agreed to collaborate on the student summer study camps at local universities.

Meeting with Administrator of the Harvard University China Fund

January 7, 2015, Dr. Wei met with the Associate Director of the Harvard China Fund to discuss our program of business executive training.