InternationalRelationThe world is changing, faster than most people realize. To meet the current challenges facing us in the world today a good education is paramount.  But what does a good education mean?  Is it being very well read?  Or having the knowledge and ability to adjust to and thrive in an ever changing society? The American International Institute specializes in helping international students develop skills and cultural knowledge they will need to succeed during their stay in the United States. The American International Institute also strives to take the students intercultural education to the next level of immersion with the “internship experience”.  The student will work alongside Americans at professions of his or her choice, gain invaluable experience in the field, which will give them a competitive edge in the job market. We will arm the students with knowledge from books as well as the streets. We believe acing a job interview should be just as great a priority as passing a written exam. As the students take the courses and develop self confidence, learn from good teachers and role models, they will be well equipped to face the challenges of the 21st century as well as those of their own lives.


More broadly speaking, Our mission is to promote and support global education and international cultural exchange, by helping students achieve their best potential in studying abroad through individualized academic training and culture immersion.